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About Us

AENNA Media was set up in 2006 with the aim of providing charitable organisations, schools and other non profit making organisations with free web design and/ or digital media files for use in any form of promotional media. AENNA Media is based in the South-West of England and will give priority to local organisations however we will accept work from any organisation if our schedules permit. We have never turned anyone away as yet.

We are aiming to create a "stable" of clients who we can work for with no fees ever being involved. Unfortunately as we are doing this free we can not accept all clients and once we reach a point that we are unable to find the time to work effectively for existing clients no more applications will be accepted. However we DO NOT accept any fee paying work under any circumstances.

The creator of this site became disabled and had to give up work several years ago. He decided to learn computer skills to occupy his time and is therefore self taught in web design and digital media manipulation. The idea of producing work for free came after being approached by various organisations through word of mouth.

If you have an organisation that you feel may benefit from any of our services please use the contact button at the top of the page to let us know your requirements. If we feel we are unable to help with your particular needs we will tell you this as we will not take on anything that we cannot deliver on time and for free.


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