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What AENNA Media Can Offer You

We can offer a variety of skills including complete web site design. We can also undertake the production of various digital media files for use as logos or any other uses in line with our mission statement which can be viewed by clicking on the mission button at the top of the page.

If you already have a web site then we can offer to maintain that site or re design it upon provision of all relevant passwords and user names to enable us to access the site.

AENNA Media are not professional web designers so there may be restrictions on what we can do for you. We will always be honest in any assessment of our ability to undertake any work for our clients.

What AENNA Media Does NOT Offer

AENNA Media does not offer to do any work on a fee paying basis. We do not sell any products of any sort nor do we provide clients with web space or domain names. We do not act as a re-seller for any other organisation nor do we provide any other organisation with client contact details.

All work undertaken by AENNA Media is on the understanding that we shall not be held liable in any way for any losses sustained. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that web space is provided from a company of their choosing. Web space is readily available and a quick search in any search engine will provide you with a staggering choice. In certain circumstances AENNA Media can provide webspace, again without any charge but you will have to provide a domain name and have the ability to change the nameservers.

We will NOT handle any finances for any organisation, all financial arrangements must be carried out by the client and remain entirely separate to any work undertaken by AENNA Media.

We are sorry to have to make all the above statements but in the litigious society we seem to be living in at the moment we wish to make it plain that we are genuinely doing something for nothing and although we will always do our best we are human and mistakes can occur although we obviously aim to keep any mistakes to a minimum.



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